About us- Message from the founder

Message from Costas Argyrides, founder of YGIA Natural Health

We are passionate about herbal supplements and their abilities in strengthening the immune system. We believe that good health is fundamental to living life to the fullest and we endeavor to provide natural supplements of the highest quality at competitive prices. Our commitment is to help others enrich their lives by taking care of their well-being and health, aided by all-natural, safe and healing supplements. Our products are meant to enhance not just physical health, but mental welfare and spiritual contentment, as well.

Quality wise YGIA herbal supplements stand out from the competition by delivering the results that they promise. In order to have the maximum effect on people we use standardized or compressed herbal extracts

It is essential to stress that the world trends are slowly but steadily moving towards herbal supplements and away from drugs.

Ygia Natural Health herbal supplements contain 100% of the best quality herbs from the Mediterranean and from reliable suppliers from all over the world in plant based capsules. All of our herbs are natural, without fillers, no additives or artificial elements.

At Ygia Natural Health we promise to always strictly monitor all of our products with guaranteed efficiency and purity. We will never offer any dietary supplement that does not meet our own personal high standards. We celebrate being healthy and alive and it would give us great pleasure to have you on board!

Additionally, all of YGIA supplements have been accredited and approved under the EU regulation and are produced in our HACCP and ISO 9001 certified laboratory .

Our Philosophy

We have a passion for Nature and its power to health. We believe  that it is essential to listen to our bodies and nourish them with nutrional rich foods and herbs in order to strengthen our immune system and prevent sicknesses. We also believe that a strong immune system is essential in fighting diseases. 


Our Vision

To develop and produce innovative, proven quality herbal nutritional supplements, that improve the quality of life.

To unlock the power of nature, to combat health trends driven by poor diet and lifestyle choices through nutritionally supplements.


Our Mission

To help people attain a higher degree of health

and performance by detoxifying and strengthening

the immune system using a holistic approach to nutrition.

Our Story

In 2013, YGIA Natural Health started the research and development of a series of herbal supplements formulations in Cyprus, using the highest possible potency herbs from trusted herbal suppliers from around the world. Our herbal formulations  are based on published University Research, Clinical trials and Traditional Medicine.

All YGIA supplements are accredited and approved by the Cyprus Ministry of Health, under EU regulations.

YGIA herbal supplements formulations contain 100% of high potency herbs, without any additives, in plant based capsules.

The Founder 

Headed by Costas Argyrides, a herbalist and naturopathic practitioner from CNM London and a graduate of University of Minnesota - USA in Business Administration with emphasis in Marketing/ Advertising Communication.