Picolinate Zinc 75 mg VIT D3 1,000 I.U. & VIT C ♦ Amber Glass Bottles ♦ 100% Natural ♦ Non-GMO ♦ Gluten & Dairy Free ♦ No Additives

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 Picoline ZINC VID. D3 1,000 I.U. VIT C

​ Picolinate Zinc 75mg, along with VIT D3 1,000 I.U. & VIT C, forms a crucial triumvirate of nutrients essential to the human body's optimal functioning. Beyond providing key sustenance, this micronutrient complex helps to boost overall capabilities, with zinc playing a vital role in the body's defence mechanisms, fertility, and metabolism. Further, by supporting the maintenance of normal testosterone, vision, and skin, hair, and bone health, this potent combination reflects a luxurious and exclusive method of optimizing body and mind.

75 mg Picoline ZINC  ( 15 mg Elemental Zinc )

10 mg Vitamin D3 1,000 I.U.

615 mg Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

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