DAILY MALE ♦ 60 Veg Caps X 500mg ♦ Amber Glass Bottles ♦ 100% Natural ♦ Non-GMO ♦ Allergens Free ♦ No Additives ♦ Glass Amber Bottles

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Daily Male ACTIONS

  • Contributes to the increase of sexual mood, action and
  • quality of erection
  • Contributes to the increase of good testosterone
  • Increases energy
  • Contributes to muscle strengthening
  • Contributes to the strengthening and detoxification of the
  • body
  • Anti-aging properties

60 delayed release vegetable capsules X 500 mg in amber glass bottles
225 mg Tongkat Ali-10:1 (90% Total flavones),
100 mg Schisandra (9% Schisandrins),
100 mg Organic Cistus Creticus Extract ,
75 mg Cordyceps(40% Polysacharides)
2 to 4 (2 x 2 times) capsules a day. The average dosage is 2 capsules per day. A higher dosage is recommended, especially in the first 7 days, if the symptoms are severe. The dosage can be reduced gradually, after the reduction of symptoms

Capsule Shell: DRCaps Delayed Release

Daily Male is a unique formula is a unique herbal formula, developed by the herbalist and Naturopathist of YGIA Natural Health, based on published researches and traditional medicine. Daily Male by YGIA  is an anti aging formula that provides the man with the essential energy to function, antioxidant, balances the stress hormones and energy booster. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)


Specifically Daily Male's herbs are known to provide the following:

1. Increase the free testosterone by stimulating the release of free testosterone, which improves sex drive, reduce fatigue, and improve well-being (1) (5)

Tongkat ali’s potential to increase testosterone in men with low levels of this primary sex hormone is well known and well documented.(2)

A recent study by  with 32 males with an average age of 24 years showed that 600mg daily consumption of Tongkat Ali over a two-week period resulted in 15% higher levels of testosterone and 34% increase in free testosterone. The level of estrogen (estradiol) was reported to increase by 30% too. (2)

2. As a testosterone booster it can Increase the production of sperm (3) (4)

3. Produce higher levels of energy and physical strength among athletes 

4. Reduces stress (6) (7)

  • Research studies on Tongkat Ali did not show any evidence of increasing dihydrotestosterone (DHT), or an increase in prostate risks for men.

  • Most Tongkat Ali studies on testosterone showed significant improvement between 2 weeks to 24 weeks.

We found two independent clinical studies conducted in 2021 and 2014 showing that Tongkat Ali increased testosterone in senior men and women above 50 years.(1)

The first study involved a group of 105 male between 50 to 70 years of age with a placebo-controlled group with results showing significant improvement in testosterone.

A second study with 13 males and 12 females between 57 to 72 years over a 5-week period showed improvement in testosterone between 61% for males, and 122% for females when subjected to 400mg of Tongkat Ali daily. (7)

1-month study in 76 older men with low testosterone found that taking 200 mg of tongkat ali extract per day significantly increased levels of this hormone to normal values in over 90% of participants 


QUALITY ALL THE WAY - PURE, 100% NATURAL  INGREDIENTS - All supplements are 100% pure, 100% Natural, without any additives. They are Non GMO and free from all allergens, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Soy Free and Free From artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners. This product is 100% suitable for keto diets, vegetarians and vegans. Produced in an EU regulated certified facility.


DRCaps are the next generation of herbal capsules, designed to be released when the body needs them. They protect the contents of the supplements from stomach acids, they are completely released in the small intestine in an alkaline environment with pH 6.8. DRcaps also mask any taste and reduce the risk of any aftertaste.

RECYCLABLE CONSUMER SAFE PACKAGING: We use 100% recyclable amber glass bottles which protect the supplements from light and temperature and no harmful chemicals can leach into the product

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We proudly stand behind our products. Try a bottle risk-free. If you are not satisfied, we’ll give you 100% of your money back – guaranteed! We always stand behind our products because we want to ensure you’re satisfied!

Important information

Safety Information: Keep out of reach of children.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Not suitable for pregnant or lactating mothers. Consult your doctor before taking this product if you have any medical conditions or are taking any medication.

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied, balanced diet or healthy lifestyle.

Keep out of direct sunlight in a cool and dry place. Keep out of sight and reach of children. Best before date see on the label. Do not use it if the seal is broken.


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